Music Software is the new technology which allows students to learn and create music in an innovative, challenging and very satisfying way. Oceanrock Studios use Music Software in TEACHING, COMPOSITION, PERFORMANCE + RECORDING. Additionally, we can provide detailed training in all of this software.

Guitar Pro 6 enables backing tracks to fill the studio with sound to play along to. Huge libraries of songs are free to use. We also use this software in composition - writing guitar, bass, keyboard and drum patterns directly into the software. -GUITAR PRO
Ableton Live 8 is a music production environment that can record, edit, and mix music; apply effects and loop new and pre-recorded clips of music.We use this software for almost EVERYTHING in the studio. ABLETON LIVE

Launchpad is a new device which "triggers" clips of Music in Ableton live. It works well in composition where songs can be created in an intuitive way. LAUNCHPAD


Pro Tools 8 is the most advanced audio creation and production software worldwide. It is the international recording studio standard software. At Oceanrock, we use it mostly for recording and the production of musical scores. -PRO TOOLS

Yamaha EZ Guitar is a digital, "light-up" guitar which connects to the computer and so can "operate" any of the other software in the studio! YAMAHA EZ GUITAR